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Diagram3D designs and produces kits for scale model railway vehicles. The kits are produced using innovative techniques and modern technology. The kits are laser cut in card, MDF or wood and can be assembled without soldering. The assembly instructions can be freely downloaded from this website. We don't mind sharing information and have a download section for interesting prototype information which has been gleaned from various sources.

Making models of historical railway vehicles can be frustrating. The prototypes often had complicated panels and details. Reliable historical information can be difficult to find. Producing a set of vehicles from scratch can be a daunting prospect.  Our intention is to reduce this frustration and save your valuable modelling time. Each of our kits will assemble into an accurate body shell which can then be used to produce a detailed model.

The results can be impressive. Visit our gallery for images of completed models and details of construction. Save your time by using our products.
GWR Siphon O4

More kits for GWR modellers, siphon O4 vehicles. There are two kits, one of  which represents the standard vehicle. The other kit represents siphon number 1777 which was uniquely adapted with side louvres, a precursor to later designs, As usual these are bodyline kits. (Updated: November 2018)

Click Here for GW04-S04GWR-S04 Siphon O4, 4mm scale

Click Here for GW04-1777GWR-1777 Siphon O4, 4mm scale