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LNWR 1882 Compound Engine

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LNWR 1882 Compound Engine LNWR 1882 Compound Engine LNWR 1882 Compound Engine

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LNWR 1882 Compound Engine

The new compound locomotive invented by Mr. Webb, locomotive superintendent of the London and North Western Railway and constructed by him at Crewe.

The engine has three cylinders, two high pressure, one of which is shown, 11 1/2 in. diameter and 24 in. stroke, which actuate the two trailing driving wheels. Under the smoke-box is placed a single low presseure cylinder 26in. diameter and 24 inch stroke which actuates the leading driving wheel.

The engines are independent of each other in so far as the rails may be said to couple the four driving wheels, the steam expanding from the high-pressure cylinder enters a system of pipes passing through the smoke-box, and acting as an intermediate receiver.

The low-pressure  cylinder slide valve is worked by Joy's patent valve gear,


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