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GWR 1876 222 Express Engine Standard Gauge


    So much has been said lately concerning the engines used by giving the Great Western Railway Company in working their fast expresses that our readers will, no doubt, be interested in some information concerning the latest type of express engine used on this railway. By the courtesy of .Mr. Armstrong, locomotive superintendent of the line, we are enabled to illustrate … the new narrow gauge express engines, of which several have just been turned out from the Swindon Works. An examination of these engines, and some experience of their powers with heavy trains, justifies us in pronouncing them as among the very best engines of the kind ever designed. It will be seen that they are extremely simple, and the symmetry of their proportions bas been very carefully observed, without suffering beauty of form to detract from utility. It is just as easy, after all, to make locomotives handsome as ugly, when a designer possesses sufficient taste for the purpose, which is not always the case.


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