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NER 1869 Swing Bridge over River Ouse

  • "WE give this week a two-page illustration together, with other views on the present and opposite pages, of a. fine swing bridge, recently completed, and which carries what is now the main line of' the North-Eastern Railway, over the River Ouse, at a distance of about three miles from York, a point  where the river is navigable for small craft.

    The bridge consists of three openings, namely, one fixed span of 107ft. over all, and a double swing span of 176ft over all, leaving a clear opening for vessels of about 62 ft.
    The swing portion of the bridge is supported on a pier of cast iron situated on the north bank of the river, this pier being composed of one central column 7ft. in diameter, containing the hydraulic accumulator, and eight supporting columns each 4 ft. in diameter carrying the roller frame and path. The weight of cast iron in the pier, exclusive of the foundation cylinders, is about 281) tons.
    The swing portion is formed of two main girders 176 ft. in length, and 14ft. m depth between flanges over the swivel pier , where they are connected together at the top by cross girders, carrying a platform, from which is regulated the working of the bridge. The flooring is composed of 23 transoms 26 ft. long and 1 ft. 8 in. in depth, which, over the pier are covered by iron plating, the rest of the floor being formed of bars 8 in. by 5/16 in. with openings of 1 in.

    The girders and flooring of the fixed span are of the same form as those of the swing portion. The total weight of wrought iron on both swing and fixed spans collectively is 401 tons.

    The swing portion is moved by means of hydraulic machinery giving motion to a pinion geared into a circular rack.  The superstructure of the bridge was constructed and erected to the designs of Mr. J . E. Harrison, of Westminster by Messrs. Pease, Hutchinson, and Company, of the Skerne Iron Works, Darlington; the hydraulic machinery being supplied by Sir William Armstrong and Co., Newcastle-on-Tyne. At the works of Messrs. Pease, Hutchinson, and Company, to whose London representative, Mr. W. G. Fossick, of 6 Laurence Pountney Hill, we are indebted for the particulars of the Ouse bridge, were also made the remainder of the wrought-iron bridge work on this line of railway, viz. -The River Aire Bridge, one span of 134 ft. and one span of 91ft.; the Goole Canal Bridge, one span of 135ft.; the Selby Canal Bridge, one span of 114ft., and seven other smaller bridges."

    This bridge, constructed in the late 1860's, is still in use in 2016.



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