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Requesting a new model

  • We often receive requests for new model designs.  These requests are always examined and prioritised.

    The criteria applied are that the model must be well documented and of reasonable appeal because the research and development effort can be prohibitive for a single model.

    Our focus is on older (pre-grouping) vehicles.  The research effort can be quite considerable. 

    However, do not be afraid to ask us about any project as that is useful feedback for the future and it may already be in progress.

    Obviously, a fully documented project is preferable to one that stalls for lack of information. Sometimes we will have already researched the vehicle or the company history or it will be “well known”. For example, reproducing a model in a different scale may take less time than a new design. 

    The minimum information that should be available to make a representative model is:

    1. A General Arrangement or similar quality drawing.

    Companies produced general arrangements as part of their design activities. These were often given to third parties for manufacture and accompanied by detailed specifications.  A drawing in a model railway magazine or a book to a small scale is usually too vague.

    “Diagrams” were sketches employed to categorise vehicles and provide principle dimensions. These are helpful but not accurate. With notable exceptions, third-party drawing (by enthusiasts) can be inaccurate because the companies concerned regarded this information as proprietary. Later on companies released information in journals both for prestige and sometimes for tendering purposes.

    1. Images, specifications

    As noted above, companies produced detailed specifications for third parties.  These can provide useful detail on finishing and liveries. All images are useful regardless of period. Good quality side, end and three quarter views will help considerably. Obviously images from books are usually less informative that good quality photographs.

    1. Historical information

    Accurate livery, numbering and usage information for a vehicle over its lifetime will make one model more attractive than another that lacks this information. 

    1. Contact Us

    If you are interested then contact us to discuss your project.  The contact link is at the bottom of this page.