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NER 1907 Petrol Inspection Car


     The North-Eastern Railway Company has recently built at its York carriage works and introduced into service a petrol rail motor inspection car designed for the use of its executive officers.

    The car is 17ft. in length by 7ft. in width, with a wheel base of 10 ft. It is arranged with a driver's compartment at each end, and with an open saloon 10ft. long in the middle. The saloon is entered through either of the driver's compartments, and there is a permanent seating accommodation for six passengers, whilst two extra seats are provided on camp stools. The ends and roof are shaped so as to offer as little resistance as possible to the wind.

    Motive power is provided by a 35-40 four-cylinder petrol engine, with cylinders 4 5/8 in. diameter by 5 ½ in. stroke, the normal speed of running being 950 revolutions per minute. The inlet and exhaust valves, which are placed on opposite sides of the engine, are mechanically operated. An ordinary centrifugal type governor is attached to the exhaust cam shaft. Duplicate ignition is provided, namely, Eisemann’s high-tension and ordinary low-tension. The carburettor is of the Krelb type, gravity fed. The cylinders and main bearings of the engine are lubricated by a '' Dubrulle'' lubricator fixed in the driver’s compartment and driven from the engine by a small countershaft. The engine can be controlled from either end of the car.


  • NER 1907 Petrol rail motor inspection car (Size:965.19KB) Download