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GNR 1900 Leeds Branch (Hunslet Railway)


    It was in the session of 1893 that this branch line, which we shall proceed to describe and illustrate in the present and some succeeding articles, received the sanction of Parliament under the title of the "Hunslet Railway".

    In the following year, however, by virtue of the additional powers conferred upon the Great Northern Line, arrangements were entered into which ultimately caused it to become the property of that company. In July last the branch line and the goods station at South Accommodation Bridge, Hunslet, were opened for all descriptions of goods traffic.

    This station is conveniently situated for dealing with goods, grain, mineral, and livestock traffic for Hunslet and that portion of Leeds east of Call-lane, Vicar- lane, and North-street, and ample facilities are given for the prompt unloading of market produce under cover. The station and sidings cover an area of twenty-three acres in extent, and are fitted with all modern appliances for dealing with all descriptions of goods classes of traffic. The whole of the new premises are within easy reach of the extensive and important engineering works and other manufactories and industries situated in the district.  A perspective view of the goods warehouse is shown by the photograph fig. 1.

    While the body of the warehouse consists of solid brickwork, the openings are carried upon plate girders, supported upon steel columns, but the covered approach extending along the whole of the six-gabled facade is supported by cantilevers of the open web type. It may be remarked that the acquisition of this valuable site by the Great Northern Railway Company, solely due to the taking over and construction of the Hunslet branch, has been attended with very beneficial results to the public, and we trust to the company as well.

     For some time their goods station in Wellington-street has been with great difficulty adapted to meet the constantly-increasing demand of their traffic, and owing to the physical features of its location, it would have been a very difficult and expensive undertaking to enlarge it.

    In addition to the twenty-three acres at present laid out for the goods station yard and buildings, an additional amount of land has been acquired by the company, in order to provide for the inevitable future extensions, which are certain to be required sooner or later. The existing site of the station is occupied by more than 8000 lineal yards of single track, with ample space for carting goods and merchandise of all description.


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