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GNR 1913 Historical Supplement from "The Engineer"

  • Great Northern Railway supplement 1913. A "must have" for GNR fans. This document includes a summary history of the GNR and  includes maps, plans and diagrams. In order to reduce server load, this document has been split into several sections.

    Photographs of the classes of locomotives in use, including drawings of a large Atlantic locomotive are included.


    THERE is something exceedingly fascinating to a large number of persons in the construction and working of a railway, and among English lines there are few which offer more attraction than the Great Northern Railway whether to the travelling public or to those who make a hobby of the study of railways and their operation. Exactly why this is so it would be hard to say, for the line is by no means the longest of our railways, nor was it among the first to be constructed. .. "




  • GNR Supplement 1913 "The Engineer" - Part 1 (Size:3.27MB) Download

  • GNR Supplement 1913 "The Engineer" - Part 2 (Size:3.08MB) Download

  • GNR Supplement 1913 "The Engineer" - Part 3 (Size:2.78MB) Download

  • GNR Supplement 1913 "The Engineer" - Part 4 (Size:1.45MB) Download