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GNR 1867 Express Engine


    In the accompanying engraving we give a side elevation and sectional plan of one of the engines recently supplied to the Great Northern Railway Company, by Messrs, J. Fowler and Co., Leeds, which arc specially designed for running the heavy express trains on that line of railway. These engines have recently completed the journey from King's Cross to Peterborough, a distance of seventy- seven miles, in one hour and twenty-eight minutes, although they had to contend with heavy gradients for forty miles of the distance, and with twenty carriages behind them. The leading dimensions of these engines are as follows, viz.: The driving and trailing wheels are 7ft. in diameter and coupled together; the leading and tender wheels are 4ft. 3in. in diameter throughout; the barrel of the boiler is 10ft. lin. long by 3ft. 10in. in diameter inside in tho smallest part; the fire-box casing is 6ft. 4in. long by 4ft. wide outside; the cylinders arc 17in. diameter, with a stroke of 24in.; the heating surface in box is 114¼  square feet, and in the tubes 907 square feet, making a total heating surface of 1021¼  square feet, with a grate surface of 19 2/3  square feet; the tender holds 2500 gallons of water and two tons of fuel; the propelling power of the engine is equal to 12,000 lb., and the adhesion on the rails may be taken at 11,700 lb.

    The designs are by Mr. Sturrock, the late locomotive engineer of the Great Northern Railway, and the engines were built at Messrs. John Fowler and Co.’s Works at Leeds. by Mr. Frederick Parker, the late manager of the works of the Great Northern Company at Doncaster, who has recently joined the firm, and has the entire management of their works. The engines are fine specimens of English workmanship and finish.


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