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NBR 1873 Sleeping Carriage


    The practice of attaching sleeping cars to long journey trains has prevailed for many years in America, and there are but few who travel frequently over our long northern routes who do not devoutly wish that a similar accommodation were afforded in England. It has indeed been a long recognised  necessity, and it is satisfactory to find that some step has recently been taken towards supplying the want. The North British Railway Company have taken the initiative in the matter, and have had a.railway sleeping carriage constructed, which is to be worked on the through route between Edinburgh and London.

    This carriage ... is the first of the kind constructed in this country, and was built by the Ashbury Railway Carriage and Iron Company, at their works at Openshaw. It is 30ft. long, 7ft. 6 in. in width over all, and 6 ft. 10 in. in height from the floor to the underside of the roof at the centre.



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