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MIni Stepper Motor 66mm

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  • These miniature stepper motors can be used to switch point motors or other accesories on model railways.

    There are a number of advantages when using stepper motors:

    Unlike servo motors, the points will not lose position if the power is lost. Once the point has changed the power can be switched off, unlike a servo which needs a continual power supply in order to maintain its position. These stepper motors are robust. Finally, these mini stepper motors are easily linked to low cost microprocessors such as Arduino UNO or ESP8266.

    There are several projects on the web using similar motors in their projects. A couple below are listed below.

    CNC mini laser engraver click on this link: Instructables: Mini CNC (

    Mini pen plotter clink on this link: Thingiverse mini pen plotter (

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