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Six wheeled coach axleguards 4mm scale

  • D3D-05 six wheeled coach axleguard set(Size:778.73KB) Download

  • Brand:Diagram3D
  • Product Code:D3D-05
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  • This kit makes a set of axleguards which suit all our six wheeled 4mm coach products. The axleguards permit our models to negotiate sharp curves without extensive modifications to the kits. Although the images show a vehicle negotiating a Hornby type 2 radius curve (approximatley 1.5 feet or approximatley 438 mm), it is recommended that the minimum radius curve  is around 2 feet (600 mm approximately)

    The kit consists of 3d printed parts (random colour). The parts are made from PLA which is environmentally friendly. The kit is readily assembled. The images show our wheel set (D3D-01)  which is not included.

    This kit can also be used for other projects as it can be fitted to a variety of models.

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