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LNWR Open Carriage Truck

  • LNW705 Open Carriage Truck assembly instructions(Size:824.07KB) Download

  • Brand:Diagram3D
  • Product Code:LNW705
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  • Price:£24.50
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  • This is a lasercut kit of a historical railway vehicle of the 19th Century, designed and produced in-house by Design3D. It represents an open carriage truck, a type of vehicle that was commonly found in passenger trains during this period. The kit is designed for 7mm scale, "O" gauge.

    This kit is manufactured in MDF and card.  It is supplied with printed instructions.

    Additional images can be found at Gallery LNW705

    Adhesive, paint, wheels, couplings, buffers etc. are not included.

    To complete this kit the the purchaser has to supply suitable wheels, couplings and other fittings.

    Note quantities can be changed at checkout

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