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LNWR Covered Carriage Truck

  • LNW706 LNWR Covered Carriage Truck(Size:762.9KB) Download

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  • This is a lasercut kit of a historical railway vehicle of the 19th Century, designed and produced in-house by Design3D. It represents a LNWR Covered Carriage truck (CCT), a type of vehicle that was commonly found in passenger trains during the pre-grouping period. The kit is designed for 7mm scale, "O" gauge.

    The LNWR had several versions of Covered Carriage Trucks (CCT). This model was created using information from diagram books, works drawings and photographs of similar vehicles.  According to an early LNWR diagram book there were about 140 CCT’s, of various lengths, in service around the end of the 19th century.  These vehicles had many modifications over their lifetime.

    This particular type of CCT had a wheelbase of ten feet and was 19 feet in length. The livery illustrated is an approximation of LNWR maroon which was used for non-passenger coaching stock. The LNWR Historical Society is a good source for further study of liveries which changed considerably over time.  

    Some applicable vehicle numbers from the 1890’s diagram book were: 610 – 621 inclusive. (No. 609 was altered to incorporate perforated zinc sides and ends). These vehicles do not appear in later diagram books.

    This kit is manufactured in MDF, card and plastic. The instructions can be downloaded from this page.

    Adhesive, paint, wheels, couplings, buffers etc. are not included.

    To complete this kit the the purchaser has to supply suitable wheels, couplings and other fittings.

    Note quantities can be changed at checkout

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