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NBR Perishable Goods (Yeast and Fruit) Van.

  • NB04-W002 NBR Yeast Van assembly instructions(Size:753.8KB) Download

  • Brand:Diagram3D
  • This kit is supplied with 1 x D3D-05 axleguards

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  • About this Vehicle:

    This kit is modelled on a perishable goods van which was used for the conveyance of Yeast and Fruit by the North British Railway (NBR). It was a six wheeled vehicle and is described in detail within the book “LNER Wagons Volume 3”  by P. Tatlow ISBN 978 1 905 184 56 9. (Pages. 58-59).

    This Kit features:

    • 3D printed roofs
    • Sturdy construction
    • Axleguards or bogies (as appropriate for the vehicle)

    A difficult and tedious task encountered when modelling rolling stock is the preparation, cutting out and alignment of the windows, droplights and panels.

    This kit reduces the tedium, complication and labour associated with the construction of a detailed model of a coach body using accurate laser cut layers conveniently assembled in our SmartFrame without specialist knowledge to give the same quality, or better, as traditional methods using plastic or etched components.

    There are precisely aligned layers for the vehile sides which reproduce window apertures, droplights, window frames, panelling, and beading. Floor, partitions, roof members, ends complete with steps and panelling are included together with pre-cut glazing. In summary, all that is required to make a convincing representation of this early panelled coach body.

    Build impressive rolling stock using this kit as the basis of your next project

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