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MRC Show London 2019 Diagram3D designs and produces kits for scale model railway vehicles. The kits are produced using innovative techniques and modern technology. The kits are laser cut in card, MDF or wood and can be assembled without soldering. The assembly instructions can be freely downloaded from this website. We don't mind sharing historical information. There is a download section for interesting prototype information which has been collected  from various sources. Our products include historical  notes and pertinent details.

Making models of historical railway vehicles can be frustrating. The prototypes often had complicated panels and details. Reliable historical information can be difficult to find. Producing a set of vehicles from scratch can be a daunting prospect.  Our intention is to reduce this frustration and save your valuable modelling time. Each of our kits will assemble into an accurate body shell which can then be used to produce a detailed model.

The results can be impressive. Visit our gallery for images of completed models and details of construction. Save your time by using our products.

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North Eastern Railway (NER) 32ft carriages - First & Composite

NE04-D068 assembled The North Eastern Railway produced 32ft six wheeled carriages in large numbers to a standard design until the late 1890's. These carriages were intended to replace older designs. Our models of these carriages now include a first class carraige (Diagram 68)  Click here NE04-D068 to see the product.

 The models feature a detachable roof and are based on original drawings and reference material.

Another model available now is the luggage composite,diagram 9, NE04-D009 with more models to follow.

NE04-D009 assembled

NE04-D009 assembly

North Eastern Railway (NER) 32ft carriages: Third and Luggage Third

NE04-D015 assembled The North Eastern Railway produced six wheeled carriages in large numbers to a standard design until the late 1890's. The most numerous of these was the five compartment third class carriage (diagram 15).

Our model of this model features a detachable roof and is based on original drawings and reference material. Click here NE04-D015 to see the product.

A companion model available now is the luggage third,diagram 13, NE04-D013 with more models to follow.

NE04-D013 assembled

NE04-D015 assembly

GN04-D281 GNR six wheeled brake carriage

GNR D281 third class brakeGreat Northern Railway (GNR) Diagram 281 (D281) Third Class Brake:

This vehicle was an ubiquitous vehicle produced by the GNR.. Approximately 370 of this type were included in the stock inventories at the beginning of the 20th century.

Click on the image or here to see the product details:GN04-D281

Click here to see this model in our gallery: Gallery GN04-D281Similar vehicles were used by the East Coast Joint Stock (ECJS).

One of These coaches, number 589,  has been preserved at the Keighley Worth Railway.GNR D281 third class brake

GN04-D129 45ft Composite Coach

 GN04-D129 45 foot Composite Coach This 45 foot coach built to diagram 129 (D129) was one of several similar vehicles which were designed by Howlden for the GNR in the 1890’s..

The vehicle combined an open third class area and separate first class accommodation.

This vehicle is described in “Historic Carriage Drawings” Volume 1 by N. Campling. ISBN 1 899816 04 6 page 94. One of these coaches has been preserved and is stored at the Keighley Worth Valley Railway.

These vehicles lasted well into the grouping period and travelled extensively over the rail system after grouping.

 Click on the image or here: GN04-D129 to link to the product page

GNR Brake Van "O" Gauge
This "O" gauge kit is will enhance any layout. The kit is based on a well known type produced by the Great Northern Railway for many years. Examples of this type of brake van could be found after grouping and beyond.   This model represents the horizontal planked variant of this vehicle.   This kit is not difficult to make and would make a good starter project   The assembly instructions are available here: PDF  Instructions Click on any image or here for more information: GN07-W001   or on the product page
GN04-D189 Composite brake

GN04-D189 45ft composite brake This coach kit, GN04-D189 45ft composite brake is now available.

This 45 foot coach ) was designed by Howlden for the GNR in the 1890’s.. This vehicle combined  third class, first class and a guards compartment.

This vehicle is described in “Historic Carriage Drawings” Volume 1 by N. Campling. ISBN 1 899816 04 6 page 94. This was a long lived vehicle and survived well into the grouping period.

 Click on the image or here: GN04-D189 to link to the product page.

GNR Brake Vans, 4mm scale

GNR brake van (vertical planks)Our  4mm scale models of a Great Northern Railway brake vans are offered in two versions. The version with vertical planking  GN04-W002 is a companion model to the brake van with horizontal planking (GN04-W001)

The brake van illustrated with vertical planking  was a 20 ton version that replaced earlier vans from the early 1900's onwards. It was given diagram 1602/N and replaced the earlier van with horizontal planking.

LNWR 4 compartment coach (4mm scale)

LNWR 4 compartrment third assembledThe latest D3D kit is a 4mm version of a LNWR 4 compartment coach which was originally made for 7mm scale.  As with all our 4mm scale kits so far, this  is a "bodyline" kit, the underframe details are left to the modeller. The illustration reflects the livery of the vehicle at the time which was green with light upper panels.  The construction takes advantage of the strength of MDF combined with the detail of the card components to give a sturdy result. The model has a detachable roof.

Click on either the images of follow this link LNW401 to view the product

LNW401 4 Compartment Third exploded diagram

LNWR Open Carriage Truck "O" Gauge

This 7mm / "O" gauge kit is straightforward to build and will enhance any early pre-grouping layout.

The model represents a  London & North Western Railway (L&NWR) open carriage truck.

This is a type of vehicle that was long lived and commonly seen in passenger trains during the pre-grouping era. The model is based on historical documents and references.

Click on any image or here LNW705 to visit the product page