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GWR Siphon O1,O2,O3 (4mm scale)

This kit is for a GWR milk van, however it would make a pleasant addition to any layout.. It can represent any one of the versions O1,O2 and O3  of this vehicle. (Updated November 2018).

GWR-S02 Siphon O1,O2,O3, 4mm scale

 Click here GWR-S02

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GW04-S04 Milk Van (O4) exploded assembly diagram



GWR Siphon O4 (4mm scale)

More kits for GWR modellers, siphon O4 vehicles. There are two kits, one of  which represents the standard vehicle. The other kit represents siphon number 1777 which was uniquely adapted with side louvres, a precursor to later designs, As usual these are bodyline kits. (Updated: November 2018)

Click Here for GW04-S04GWR-S04 Siphon O4, 4mm scale

Click Here for GW04-1777GWR-1777 Siphon O4, 4mm scale