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It's holiday time, enjoy the sun, we'll be accepting orders again from August 22nd.

GN04-D189 Composite brake (4mm scale)

GN04-D189 45ft composite brake This coach kit, GN04-D189 45ft composite brake is now available.

This 45 foot coach was designed by Howlden for the GNR in the 1890’s.. This vehicle combined  third class, first class and a guards compartment.

This vehicle is described in “Historic Carriage Drawings” Volume 1 by N. Campling. ISBN 1 899816 04 6 page 94. This was a long lived vehicle and survived well into the grouping period.

 Click on the image or here: GN04-D189 to link to the product page.

GNR Brake Vans, 4mm scale

GNR brake van (vertical planks)Our  4mm scale models of a Great Northern Railway brake vans are offered in two versions. The version with vertical planking  GN04-W002 is a companion model to the brake van with horizontal planking (GN04-W001)

The brake van illustrated with vertical planking  was a 20 ton version that replaced earlier vans from the early 1900's onwards. It was given diagram 1602/N and replaced the earlier van with horizontal planking.

LNWR 4 compartment coach (4mm scale)

LNWR 4 compartrment third assembledThe latest D3D kit is a 4mm version of a LNWR 4 compartment coach which was originally made for 7mm scale.  As with all our 4mm scale kits so far, this  is a "bodyline" kit, the underframe details are left to the modeller. The illustration reflects the livery of the vehicle at the time which was green with light upper panels.  The construction takes advantage of the strength of MDF combined with the detail of the card components to give a sturdy result. The model has a detachable roof.

Click on either the images of follow this link LNW401 to view the product

LNW401 4 Compartment Third exploded diagram

LNWR Open Carriage Truck "O" Gauge

This 7mm / "O" gauge kit is straightforward to build and will enhance any early pre-grouping layout.

The model represents a  London & North Western Railway (L&NWR) open carriage truck.

This is a type of vehicle that was long lived and commonly seen in passenger trains during the pre-grouping era. The model is based on historical documents and references.

Click on any image or here LNW705 to visit the product page

LNWR Covered Carriage Truck "O" Gauge
LNW706 assembled LNW706 LNWR Covered Carriage Truck components
This kit will enhance any pre-grouping layout. It is a 7mm scale /"O" gauge kit which represents a London & North Western Railway (L&NWR) Covered carriage truck. This vehicle type that was long lived and commonly seen in passenger trains during the pre-grouping era.
The model is primarily made of MDF with card overlays for strapping and roof. Click on any image or here LNW706  to visit the product page.
GWR Siphon O1,O2,O3 (4mm scale)

This kit is for a GWR milk van, however it would make a pleasant addition to any layout.. It can represent any one of the versions O1,O2 and O3  of this vehicle. (Updated November 2018).

GWR-S02 Siphon O1,O2,O3, 4mm scale

 Click here GW04-S02

or any image to link to the product page.


GW04-S04 Milk Van (O4) exploded assembly diagram



GWR Siphon O4 (4mm scale)

More kits for GWR modellers, siphon O4 vehicles. There are two kits, one of  which represents the standard vehicle. The other kit represents siphon number 1777 which was uniquely adapted with side louvres, a precursor to later designs, As usual these are bodyline kits. (Updated: November 2018)

Click Here for GW04-S04GWR-S04 Siphon O4, 4mm scale

Click Here for GW04-1777GWR-1777 Siphon O4, 4mm scale

NBR Vans (4mm scale)

Two new products have been added, a NBR Fish and Milk Van and a NBR Fruit and Yeast Van, in 4mm scale.


NB04-W001 NBR fish vanNB04-W002 NBR yeast van