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Diagram3D designs and produces kits for scale model railway vehicles. The kits are produced using innovative techniques and modern technology. The kits are laser cut in card, MDF or wood and can be assembled without soldering. The assembly instructions can be freely downloaded from this website. We don't mind sharing information and have a download section for interesting prototype information which has been gleaned from various sources Our model kits are easy to assemble without specialist skills. Nevertheless our kits can give outstanding results while saving valuable time. They save your time and effort, enhancing your skills and abilities. This YouTube video shows a a kit being assembled. Assembly instructions for our products can be downloaded from the product page.

Our Gallery

Visit our  gallery to see images of completed models and details of construction.

Tested: We play with them first to avoid disappointments

GN04-D281 GNR third class brake   Diagram3D products are tried and tested extensively. We support our products and our customers. As committed railway modellers we have strong views on badly designed kits and try to ensure that our products are well designed and easy to build.  While you are visiting, do not forget to look at our free downloads section. The gallery is worth a visit too for images of kits built by customers.

Free Downloads of Historical articles

GWR single Engine

Periodicals like "The Engineer" and "Engineering" often contained articles and supplements about railways. These are of value because they reflect contemporary impressions and opinions about the development of railways. Some of these articles span several issues.  A number of these articles have been collated on this website for free download.

Clear, Illustrated Instructions
GNR D303 Full Break All our products contain clear instructions which are available for download (in PDF format) from this website. Read the instructions before buying and there will be no hidden surprises when you order. The instructions include illustrations like the one shown. We aim to make the assembly process as  pain free and efficient as possible. Historic information is included. Hints and timing of the stages is included as an aid to help plan the project. Click on the links below to view an example of the instructions for our kits: PDF instructions for 4mm kit GN04-D303 Click here  GN04-D303 to be taken to the product description for this kit.
We keep stock

Lasercut panels in 4mm scale, links to GN04-D245 Lasercut: As good as it looks and plenty in stock.

There is a minimum quantity of the items we advertise for sale in stock and we are prepared to restock within days rather than in months in the event that we sell out unxpectedly. We accept cards and payment by Paypal which means that you can buy from us  on-line with confidence.


Smart Frame, links to gallery   Smartframe: An accurate, reliable and simple method for producing rolling stock.  A difficult and tedious task encountered when crafting rolling stock is the preparation, cutting out and alignment of the  windows, droplights, panels and beading. This is especially difficult in smaller scales.  Smartframe is our solution.  Smartframe reduces the time, complication and labour associated with the construction of rolling stock using accurate lasercut layers which are conveniently assembled without specialist knowledge to give the same quality, or better, as traditional methods using plastic or etched components.

How it all began....
Product packaging, links to gallery Diagram3D is the result of a natural progression. Models and accessories for the time period and region of interest were not available. As a result I began to make my own. Making these models individually was taking up most of my spare time with variable results. Having tried all the slow traditional methods for making models I began making my own models in various gauges using a laser cutter. The results were impressive, both to myself and to my friends and fellow modellers. Eventually, as much time was being spent making models for others as used to be spent in making my own models. The only thing left to do was to "take the plunge" and offer them to the general public. Moving on, the range has grown organically. Many of the products are the result of direct negotiations with other modellers. If you have a project then contact us.