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LNWR Society

London & North Western Society

""The LNWsoc aims to collect and disseminate information about the London and North Western Railway, its constituents and its successors.

We are interested in the infrastructure of the railway, the men and women who made it work, as well as the engines and rolling stock which it built and used. We aim to help modellers, preservationists, historians and those with just a passing interest in the LNWR."


MRC - The Model Railway Club, London

The  Model Railway Club


The Model Railway Club is the oldest model railway club in this country. It was founded in 1911. It features a permanent home in Keen House near Kings Cross station, London. Meetings are held weekly.


The annual show at Alexandra Palace is well worth a visit.

Williams Models


LNWR 3rd class coach



 (Mike) Williams models produce excellent models in G3 scale.

NBRSG - North British Study Group


LNWR 3rd class coach


The NBR Study group promotes the North British Railway.

It has a number of valuable resources on-line.

Model Rail - NBR Mess Van by George Dent


Model Rail Magazine







An article appeared in "Model Rail Magazine" in July 2019 describing a Mess hut as a scenic feature based on our NBR milk van kit (NB04-W001) The Modeller is George Dent and the article is reproduced in his blog, link below.


G3 Society


LNWR 3rd class coach


The Gauge 3 society caters to the needs of G3 modellers. There is a forum and products for members.

G3 is a lot of fun, even in small spaces. Unlike their smaller bretheren, G3 models are impressive to hold and behold.

G3 is scaled at 13.5mm to one foot. G3 used to be known as "standard gauge" before the miniature "O" and tiny "OO" took over. One reason for turning to G3 is because it reminds me of a time, ages ago, when a tiny primary school boy walking home in dreary London stopped at a shop on Islington Green in order to gaze at the trains in the brightly lit window. The schoolboy went in and was humoured by the sales assistant. The trains were huge and a particular engine was an impressive shade of green. The shop and schoolboy have long disappeared but the memory remains.

GRS - Garden Railway Specialists


LNWR 3rd class coach



  Garden Railway Specialists provide a range of products for G3 railways.

BRM - British Railway Modelling

BRM Logo



British Railway Modelling (BRM) forum has several interesting and useful discussions and reviews of our products:

Laser cut coaches

Laser Cut Cioaches

Originally titled "21st century Modelling" is an article I wrote in 2008. I think it has aged well. At the time there were no 3D printers or laser cutters available at a decent price.

These days many of the concepts in the article are taken for granted, just like computers and 3d printers. Anyone who has tried to use these tools will know that it takes hundreds if not thousands of hours to master the hardware and design processes.