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NLR - North London Railway

NLR 1866 Adams 4-4-0 Tank Engine
From 1866 onwards "The Engineer" and "Engineering" published a number of articles about NLR  4-4-0t passenger tank engines which contained novel improvements. These are grouped here for download. ..
NLR 1870 Bow Street Station
In 1870 The Engineer published detailed illustrations of the North London Railway station  at Bow. The illustrations inlcude sectional drawings of the buiilding as well as the frontage. "BOW STATION, NORTH LONDON RAILWAY The portion of the North London Railway commonly called the Bow Station is situate in a cutting, and the station platforms are used as junctions for the interchange of passengers and general traffic between the North London Railway and the Tilbury and Gravesend lines on the ..
NLR 1881 Adams 0-6-0 Tank Engine
TANK LOCOMOTIVE  NORTH LONDON RAILWAY.  1881 We give this week on page 379 a side elevation of a powerful six-coupled tank engine, built the year before last by Mr. J. C. Park, the locomotive superintendent of the North-London Railway, for goods service on that line.  As will be seen from our engraving, the engine is of the outside-cylinder type.     In regular daily work the engine hauls the "Poplar Goods" train made up as follows: 2 brake vans.......
NLR 1891 Adams 4-4-0 Tank Engine
"PASSENGER LOCOMOTIVE FOR THE NORTH LONDON RAILWAY." On our two-page plate, and on page. 35, we give this week engravings showing the general arrangement of one of a class of outside cylinder side-tank locomotives designed by Mr. J . C. Park, M.I.C.E. , for the North London line, and constructed at the company's works, Bow Road, London, E. 1. In many of its details this engine resembles the tank goods locomotive for the same line ...  but being intended for passenger traff..