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2021 Trains for Children of all ages
The Corona virus and lockdown has not been kind to young children. Many of them have been kept indoors for months. We own a collection of child-safe wooden trains however there was a demand for trains that resembled the ones we had seen and travelled on. This was a tall order. Any retail model would have been trashed in short order, to say nothing of the potential danger to the children’s health from small pieces. Whatever was produced had to be simple and safe. After some thought a plan was dev..
LSR 1904 (Liverpool & Southport Railway) Electrification
THE ELECTRIFICATION OF THE LIVERPOOL AND SOUTHPORT RAILWAY.  The railway companies of this country have keenly felt the competition which the advent of electric tramways has caused, and have sought means to protect themselves against it. A number of things have been suggested so as while not reducing the speed of the trains, to keep down expenses to such a point as would enable the fares charged to be reduced to the level of, or even below, the small charges made by the tramways. There have been..
Peckett  1887 locomotive 0-6-0T
CONTRACTOR'S LOCOMOTIVE. We give above an engraving of a tank locomotive engine, designed and constructed by Messrs. Peckett and Sons, of the Atlas Engine Works, Bristol, which has been specially designed  for the use of contractors, and is also well adapted for collieries, ironworks, and many other purposes, and is neat and strong. This locomotive, as will be seen from the illustration, is of the saddle tank type, and is fitted with inside cylinders of special hard cylinder metal, 12in. di..
The Jenny Lind (1846)
THE JENNY LIND. We illustrate this week an engine round which very great historical interest centres. The Jenny Lind was in a very large measure the forerunner of the standard type of English locomotive. We believe that most of our readers will admit that even in modern eyes there is much to admire in the design, and it is probable that the engine was on the whole the handsomest locomotive that had been built up to that date. The origin of the design is very instructive, and we arc indebted to the priva..
WT 1879 Wotton Tramway Tank Engine
TANK LOCOMOTIVE FOR THE WOTTON TRAMWAY. (1879) CONSTRUCTED BY MR. W. G. BAGNALL, ENGINEER STAFFORD.     We give, above, engravings of a four-wheeled tank locomotive constructed by Mr. W. G. Bagnall, of the Castle Engine Works, Stafford, the leading feature in this engine being the arrangement of the cylinders and working gear. The engine is of a type of which several have been constructed by Mr. Bagnall, with cylinders of from 4 in. in diameter upwards, the particular locomotive illust..