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GWR - Great Western Railway, 4mm scale

The Great Western Railway (GWR) was a British railway company that linked London with the south-west and west of England, the Midlands, and most of Wales. The GWR was called by some "God's Wonderful Railway" and by others the "Great Way Round" but it was famed as the "Holiday Line", taking many people to English and Bristol Channel resorts in the West Country as well as the far south-west of England.

Wikipedia: Great Western Railway

GWR Siphon O1 (four wheeled) kit OO
*** Updated Model **** About this Vehicle: This kit is based on the original  GWR siphon version O1. This was a four wheeled vehicle and should not be confused with the later six wheeled siphon which took the same designation after this van became extinct. The original vehicle was produced in several lots between 1871 and the late 1880's. There were two distinct variations with differing door profiles.  Sufficient parts are provided to complete either one of the versions of the ..
GWR Siphon O2 body kit
GWR Milk Van type O2 : This vehicle, designated O2, was a six wheeled Milk or Fish van. The O2 van preceded the related O1 and O3 six wheeled vans. It shared similar features, especially twin double doors on each side. The number of doors was the main visual difference between these vehicles (O2,O3,O1) and the later O4 van which had three double doors on each side. O2 vans had a low single arc roof profile. O2 vans were converted from open carriage trucks. The GWR code name for milk vans was SIPHON. Thi..
GWR Siphon O4 body kit OO
GWR Milk Van type O4 : This kit represents the most numerous type of six wheeled GWR siphon, designated O4. There were a number of types and variants of the GWR milk van. This vehicle type had three double doors whereas earlier vans had two double doors. An entire book was written on the development of these vehicles. (“Great Western Siphons” by Jack N. Slinn, Pendragon books 1986 in association with the Historical Model Railway Society). This kit features: Laser cut MDF carcass Over..
GWR Siphon O4-1777 body kit OO
GWR Milk Van 1777 : GW Milk Van Number 1777 is an interesting and unique vehicle. This vehicle was adapted from a standard milk van (type O4). The vehicle had louvered sides and was a presursor of later vehicles designed with louvered sides. In other respects it was similar to the standard O4 type vehicle. The GWR code name for milk vans was SIPHON. This kit features: Laser cut MDF carcass Overlaid card Panels 3D printed roof Axleguards (D3D-05) A difficult and tedious task encountered ..