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FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions) about our kits and servicees.

4mm scale chassis and underframes for our kits
Six wheeled Stock D3D supplies a 3d printed set of axleguards which are designed for our 6 wheel coach kits D3D-05 4mm scale 6 Wheeled Coach axleguard kit This kit makes a set of axleguards which suit all our six wheeled 4mm coach products. The axleguards permit our models to negotiate sharp curves without extensive modifications to the kits. Although the images show a vehicle negotiating a Hornby type 2 radius curve (approximatley 1.5 feet or approximatley 438 mm), it is recommended that the minimum ..
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Requesting a new model
We often receive requests for new model designs.  These requests are always examined and prioritised. The criteria applied are that the model must be well documented and of reasonable appeal because the research and development effort can be prohibitive for a single model. Our focus is on older (pre-grouping) vehicles.  The research effort can be quite considerable.  However, do not be afraid to ask us about any project as that is useful feedback for the future and it may already ..