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FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions) about our kits and servicees.

This document briefly describes various methods of completing the underrame for our kits with suggestions and examples. Bogie Stock Our kits are provided with locating holes which allow bogies to be positioned at the correct centres. The bogie type and underframe detail depends on the company. For GNR coaches, the bogie type was usually a Fox's patent type, used by many pre-grouping railways.  Later, LNER standard (Gresley) bogies would have replaced the Fox's bogies. Fox's pattern bo..
We often receive requests for new model designs.  These requests are always examined and prioritised. The criteria applied are that the model must be well documented and of reasonable appeal because the research and development effort can be prohibitive for a single model. Our focus is on older (pre-grouping) vehicles.  The research effort can be quite considerable.  However, do not be afraid to ask us about any project as that is useful feedback for the future and it may already ..