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Nottingham Victoria Station
THE NEW VICTORIA STATION AT NOTTINGHAM. In the sixty-seventh volume of ENGINEERING we described and illustrated many of the important works on the Great Central Rail way extension to London …  we now return to the subject, principally to deal with the splendid joint station at Nottingham, the convenience of which has now been established by its use for some time by the two owning companies - the Great Central and the Great Northern.   This station is certainly the most important piece..
We often receive requests for new model designs.  These requests are always examined and prioritised. The criteria applied are that the model must be well documented and of reasonable appeal because the research and development effort can be prohibitive for a single model. Our focus is on older (pre-grouping) vehicles.  The research effort can be quite considerable.  However, do not be afraid to ask us about any project as that is useful feedback for the future and it may already ..
Trains for Children of all ages
The Corona virus and lockdown has not been kind to young children. Many of them have been kept indoors for months. We own a collection of child-safe wooden trains however there was a demand for trains that resembled the ones we had seen and travelled on. This was a tall order. Any retail model would have been trashed in short order, to say nothing of the potential danger to the children’s health from small pieces. Whatever was produced had to be simple and safe. After some thought a plan was dev..