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GWR Siphon O4 body kit OO

  • GW04-SO4 GWR Milk Van O4 Assembly Instructions(Size:1.13MB) Download

  • Brand:Diagram3D
  • GWR Siphon O4 body kit OO GWR Siphon O4 body kit OO GWR Siphon O4 body kit OO GWR Siphon O4 body kit OO
  • Product Code:GW04-SO4
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  • Price:£20.00
  • This kit is based on the most numerous type of six wheeled GWR siphon, designated O4. There were a number of types and variants of the GWR milk van. The vehicles were modified over their lifetimes. In general it is advisable to have access to a good reference work with photographs.Apart from articles in the model railway press (Eg: Model Railway Journal Christmas. 1985 and January/February 1986) an entire book has been written on the development of these vehicles. (“Great Western Siphons” by Jack N. Slinn, Pendragon books 1986 in association with the Historical Model Railway Society).

    A difficult and tedious task encountered when modelling rolling stock is the preparation and cutting out of the windows, droplights and panels.  This kit reduces the tedium, complication and labour associated with the construction of a detailed model of a period vehicle body using accurate laser cut layers conveniently assembled in our SmartFrame without specialist knowledge to give the same quality as traditional methods using plastic or etched components.

    Build impressive rolling stock using this kit as the basis of your next project.

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