NER 1901 440 Compound Engine

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NER 1901 440 Compound Engine


“We illustrate this week by our two-page engraving, and further illustrations on pages 11, 14, and 15, a type of compound express passenger locomotive introduced on to the North-Eastern Railway, a couple of years ago, by Mr. Wilson Worsdell, the locomotive superintendent of the line.

The details of the engine include a number of special features patented by Mr. W. M. Smith, of 16, Otterburn terrace, Jesmond, Newcastle-on-Tyne.

The engine has a greater range of power than most locomotives now in service, and will, it is claimed, work with equally good results a light train, a heavy train, a stopping train, or a fast long-distance train.

The example illustrated, though a powerful engine, represents by no means the maximum size that could be built within the present limits of gauge. The engine is arranged so that it. can be worked as a simple engine, as a semi-compound, or a compound engine: operated as a simple engine the high-pressure piston is placed in equilibrium, whilst as a semi-compound the horse-power developed by the low-pressure cylinders is increased by admitting a certain amount of steam direct from the boiler; as a compound engine the exhaust steam from the high pressure cylinder is, of course, utilised to produce useful work in the low-pressure cylinders. As a simple engine, semi-compound, or a compound engine, the distance run under any of these conditions is only limited by the requirements of the work it has to do.”


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