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GNR Goods Brake Van

  • GN07_W001 Goods brake assembly instructions(Size:791.55KB) Download

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  • GNR Goods Brake Van GNR Goods Brake Van
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  • This 7mm scale ("O" gauge) kit  is primarily made from laser cut and etched MDF. THis kit can be completed to represent any one of several versions of a standard type used by the Great Northern Railway. The kit is for the body. It does not include any underframe parts, wheels, axleguards, buffers etc. More images of this kits contents and assembly can be found in the gallery by following this link:  GNR Goods Brake 7mm scale

    The prototype brake vans have been described in books (e.g. 19th Centurry Railway Drawings by A. Prior, and LNER Wagons by P. Tatlow). The brake vans have also been described in the model railway press (Especially an article in  "Model Railway News" December 1967). A representative model will enhance any model railway based on the GNR or its former geographical area.

    The GNR had several types of brake van. The brake van type that this model is based on, with horizontal planking, was made in 10 ton, 15 ton and 20 ton versions. The physical dimensions overall were the same, however one version had six wheels.

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