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Alternate Payment Method

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Alternate Payment Method

Alternate payment Methods.

We offer a direct payment method as an alternate to cheques or for ad-hoc payments:


Note:To use this payment method, you need to have, or register for, a PayPal account.


This method allows variable amounts to be sent directly to us as an alternate to sending cash or a cheque in the post.

The link takes one to the screen below:

Paypal me entry screen

Click on the amount, enter the amount to be sent (in pence) and press the “next” button.  


Please ensure that you are sending Sterling (GBP) and have entered some explanatory notes.

Paypal me entry screen

We will receive your details together with the payment.

Items paid for in this way are dealt with in the same way as regular payments unless stated otherwise.

We will confirm receipt of funds to the email address given before dispatch.