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GNR Outside Framed Van

  • GN04-W004 GNR Van (Outside Framed)(Size:822.76KB) Download

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  • GNR Outside Framed Van GNR Outside Framed Van GNR Outside Framed Van GNR Outside Framed Van GNR Outside Framed Van GNR Outside Framed Van
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  • *** This kit is supplied with one set of wagon axleguards, also available in a pack of 4 sets: D3D-07 Wagon Axleguards ***

    This 4mm scale  kit  is primarily made from laser cut and etched wood. It can be completed to represent any one of several versions of a standard type used by the Great Northern Railway. The kit is for the body. It includes the solebars. It does not include any underframe parts, wheels, axleguards, buffers etc.

    In 1906,the GNR recorded 1563 covered vans, including duplicates. These covered vans were actively constructed from about 1867 (Stirling) until about 1905 (Gresley) when outside framed vehicles were gradually replaced by inside framed stock. At grouping, 669 vehicles of this type are recorded as surviving into LNER stock.

    Photographic records of wagon stock (RAIL 326/682 and RAIL 326/1072 at the National Archives, UK) depict a number of variations.

    The earliest version appears to have a missing section of roof centrally placed which was used for loading and covered with a tarpaulin. A few vehicles (69 in 1911) were fitted for use in passenger trains.

    Vans of an identical design were used on the Cheshire Lines Committee (CLC) and Midland & Great Northern (M&GN).

    In summary, any representation of GNR, LNER or beyond should include some of these vans. They travelled all over the country.

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