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WT 1879 Wotton Tramway Tank Engine

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WT 1879 Wotton Tramway Tank Engine





We give, above, engravings of a four-wheeled tank locomotive constructed by Mr. W. G. Bagnall, of the Castle Engine Works, Stafford, the leading feature in this engine being the arrangement of the cylinders and working gear. The engine is of a type of which several have been constructed by Mr. Bagnall, with cylinders of from 4 in. in diameter upwards, the particular locomotive illustrated being ono built for the Duke of Buckingham’s private railway "the Wotton Tramway" which runs from Quainton-road to Brill.

The gauge of the line is 4 ft. 8½  in., and it is laid with Vignoles rails, weighing 28 lb. per yard, and spiked down to longitudinal timbers 6 in. square. As will be seen from our illustration the engine has inside cylinders, and Mr. Bagnall makes the leading axle the cranked axle, and places the cylinders between the two axles, the two cylinders with the crosshead guides being all fixed down to a strong plate, which is stiffened by angle irons, as shown, and which is bolted to the ordinary frames of the engine by turned bolts. The parts can be well seen from the footplate for oiling, etc., and the whole foundation plate with the cylinders and guides can be very readily taken down when desired for the execution of repairs.

The boiler is placed at such a height that the ashpan comes above the trailing axle, and it has thus been rendered possible to give it such a position longitudinally as to attain a good distribution of weight on the two axles. The boiler is of ample size, and is found to give a good steam supply with wood fuel. It is fed by a steam pump and by an injector. The feed-water is carried in a tank under the front end of the barrel, as shown in the longitudinal section.

The engine we illustrate has now been at work some time, and we understand does its work well, taking loads of 90 tons gross up gradients of 1 in 100, and 41 tons gross up 1 in 44. The arrangement has altogether many points to recommend it for small tank engines. The principal dimensions of the engine we illustrate are as follows:

Wotton Tank Specifications



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