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NBR 1878 Express Engine
EXPRESS PASSENGER ENGINE, NORTH BRITISH RAILWAY. The Hawick and Border Union Railway, uniting Carlisle with Edinburgh and Glasgow, constitutes one of the heaviest roads in the world worked by high speed passenger traffic, as will be seen from the sections on page 4. One incline of 1 in 70 is, in round numbers, seven miles long without a break worth mentioning; another of nearly eight miles rises at the rate of 1 in 75; a third incline equally steep is two miles long. It will be understood that to work th..
NBR 1879 440 Tank Engine
FOUR COUPLED BOGIE TANK ENGINE, NORTH BRITISH RAILWAY We illustrate above and on the next page a new type of engine, with 17in. cylinders, 26in. stroke, and four coupled 6ft. wheels, put to work on the North British Railway within the last few weeks.The bogie wheels are 3ft. 6in. diameter, and the total wheel base is 21ft. 1in. The engines were designed by Mr. D. Drummond, locomotive superintendent of the North British Railway, for working the coast traffic of the company, and they were built as they sho..
NLR 1866 Adams 4-4-0 Tank Engine
From 1866 onwards "The Engineer" and "Engineering" published a number of articles about NLR  4-4-0t passenger tank engines which contained novel improvements. These are grouped here for download. ..
NLR 1891 Adams 4-4-0 Tank Engine
"PASSENGER LOCOMOTIVE FOR THE NORTH LONDON RAILWAY." On our two-page plate, and on page. 35, we give this week engravings showing the general arrangement of one of a class of outside cylinder side-tank locomotives designed by Mr. J . C. Park, M.I.C.E. , for the North London line, and constructed at the company's works, Bow Road, London, E. 1. In many of its details this engine resembles the tank goods locomotive for the same line ...  but being intended for passenger traff..