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GNR Perishable Goods Van

  • GN04-W006 GN perishable goods van assembly instructions(Size:1.3MB) Download

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  • GNR Perishable Goods Van GNR Perishable Goods Van GNR Perishable Goods Van GNR Perishable Goods Van GNR Perishable Goods Van
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  • *** This kit is supplied with one set of wagon axleguards, also available in a pack of 4 sets: D3D-07 Wagon Axleguards ***

    This 4mm scale  kit  is primarily made from laser cut and etched wood. It can be completed to represent any one of several versions of a standard type used by the Great Northern Railway. The kit is for the body. It includes the solebars. It does not include any underframe parts, wheels, axleguards, buffers etc.

    The Great Northern Railway (GNR) built a small number of butter lard and milk vans. Similar vehicles were used for the conveyance of Fruit, meat and fish products. There were detail differences between the vehicles however they were all based on the standard 16ft body and incorporated a clerestory roof which makes them attractive and unusual vehicles.

    A few vehicles survived into LNER ownership in 1922.


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